Speech on Teachers Day Celebration

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  4. Write a Speech On Teachers Day Celebration in 300 words ?
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Teachers Day Celebration Speech

Teachers Day holds a great importance for the students as this is the day when students especially come forward and express gratitude to their teachers. Thus teacher’s day celebration causes a great sense of excitement amongst the students.  And now that the day is around the corner, I am sure you must have some ideas on your mind, but the day is incomplete without a good note written for your teacher.


If you don’t know how to write a good note, our speeches on the teachers’ day celebration will be a good point of reference for you. There are both short speeches as well as long speeches on the teacher’s day celebration which will trigger your creative juices to flow and help you make this day extra special for your teachers.


Good Morning Teachers and My Loving Students – Warm Greetings to Everyone!

Teachers are a very integral part of our lives and they need to be rewarded for their efforts and hard work. So as the Principal of this school I am here to present before you a speech on teacher’s day celebration.

The date, i.e. 5th September is marked by the birthday of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and thus, today we celebrate teacher’s day on his commemoration. Students like you across the world celebrate this day with a lot of happiness and joy. You all present gifts and sweets to your teachers as you all respect them for their efforts and work. Teachers teach the entire day and neglect everything in their lives to make their students achieve something in their life and reach great heights.

Being a teacher is not an easy task, teaching your students entire day without sitting on the chair and understanding your strengths and weaknesses and then polishing it in the right manner. Checking your assignments and registers and even taking them back home to complete all of them on right time, this is what a teacher contributes in a student’s life. They get back home and prepare lectures for the next day and also devise various methods so that every student is well versed with the concept.

This helps in overall growth of the students and they get motivated to study in the right and appropriate manner. In certain circumstances you as a student do get offended when your teacher scolds you but you all should understand that they scold you to make you a smarter human being and you do not repeat those mistakes again in life. They do this all for your own good and for your successful careers.

Have you ever realized what your teacher gets in return doing so much of hard work? The answer is nothing; they become happy when they see you achieving success in life. That’s the moment for them when they feel that all their hard work that they had put in their students has been achieved. It’s a saying that “when we grow a plant and nurture it and when it grows taller it makes us happy”, in the same way teachers feel proud when they see you making successful careers.

Teachers not only build a life of only one student but the entire generation through their ideas and knowledge. If we get a great teacher, you as students never forget them your entire life because you realize the fact that whatever you are today is all because of the hard work and motivation that they had put in when you were in your growing up ages.

I hope my speech has motivated you to always respect your teachers as they are your gurus without whom you can’t achieve anything in your life and always remember that teachers are your second parents who are a guiding light in your and everyone’s lives.

Thank you everyone!



Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and Dear Students – Warm greetings to everyone!

As an alumnus of this school I am here to present before you a speech on importance of teachers on the auspicious occasion of teacher’s day. Teachers are a backbone of any society whether it is India or the world. I think you would believe me that whatever we have achieved in our lives is all because of our teachers.

A teacher’s job is very challenging as they don’t only teach but they too need to do their homework which includes checking your registers and pin pointing every mistake that you have committed. This work becomes too challenging and responsible. If a teacher’s eye is not able to catch even one mistake, then you all would commit the same mistake again. The teacher needs to be too vigilant in order to correct your mistakes.

It is rightly pointed out that the first teachers in our lives are our parents, secondary to them are the teachers in schools who act as a link between the school and the students. They are the ones who recognize and understand our weaknesses and put all their efforts to rectify those problems with us. We need teachers in every phase of our lives whether in schools or in colleges. A teacher’s role is the one that nobody can understand. They never let us know that they are facing certain issues in their lives. Once they enter the classrooms then it’s just them and us. They have always kept their personal and professional lives separate and they never let their problems hamper our studies and education.

They impart knowledge to the extent that every student understands the concept in an easy and refined way. They mould us into better human beings that sometimes even our parents fail to counsel us and they also go to the teachers to counsel us in the right manner. Our teachers have always gone an extra mile to explain every bit of our doubts until we understand the concept to the core.


They keep themselves updated with all the happenings around the world so that they can   share those things with us. Teachers spend their entire lives on us and they demand nothing in return.

It’s important that we take a moment to admire and appreciate our teachers for whatever they have been doing for us. Teacher’s day is the right occasion to explain them what they mean to us and how important they are without whom our lives would have been meaningless. They are guiding souls who never expect anything in return but pray for us so that we can be good human beings and can achieve successful careers.

Thus, what they require from us is to study well which will in turn benefit us. We need to bring a smile on their faces for whatever they have done for us. So always remember to respect and value teachers in your lives.

Thank you everyone!



On the occasion of Teacher’s day, I Kunal Gupta is here to present a speech on our beloved teachers!

Everyone will agree to the fact that teacher’s day is one of the exciting days in our lives and we as students get an opportunity to teach and behave like our teachers. Many of our students standing here are dressed in Sarees to teach in classrooms and act the same way our teacher’s do. For our teachers they get an off today and have a chance to enjoy the day with their family and friends, since whole year they spend their time with us forgetting their personal issues in life.

We all know that it is difficult to define the term ‘teacher’. They not only guide us on the right track but also help us to understand which career to choose as they understand us more than anybody else in this world. They develop our overall character and personality which make us confident individuals and provide us the strength to deal with all sorts of problem in our lives.

Teachers are like second parents who have a good influence on our lives and whenever we need them they are always present there to help us to get out of a problem. All of us have some day imitated our teachers as we believe them to be our role models as they provide us everything we need to make ourselves a good personality.

There are certain qualities that every teacher possesses:

  1. They Interact with Students: Interaction creates a bridge between us and teachers. whenever we feel low we always think of our teachers and interaction helps us to overcome those feelings. They not only impart knowledge regarding our subjects but they also share experiences of their lives which help us to analyze our lives and apply the same advice.
  2. Motivation and Enthusiasm: All teachers here would agree that whenever they enter the classrooms they always come with a bright smile and full of energy which keeps us motivated and active all day long. We admire our teachers and try to become like them.
  3. Hard work and Dedication: Teachers are an inspiration for all of us. Their commitment towards us which lets us grow and their confidence in us that we will get good marks make us believe in ourselves and let us study with dedication as we think that we won’t let our teachers trust break.

At the end I would just like to thank all my teachers for the hard work they put on us which helps us to grow in a right manner. Teachers you all are our guiding force who won’t let us fall and make us realize that after every failure there is success waiting for us so we shouldn’t give up in our lives. With bottom of our hearts we would like to appreciate your efforts to make us believe in ourselves and make us realize that we are on the right path towards our successful future.

Thank You!



Good Morning Respected Principal, Vice Principal, colleagues and My Dear Students!

I am honored to deliver a thank you speech on behalf of our teachers. Today being the 5th of September is an exciting day for me and all my colleagues. I welcome you all to this joyous ceremony today as we commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was a great scholar and a great teacher.

My dear students with great pleasure I would thank you for putting up a wonderful plays and dances for all of us and in keeping us entertained the entire day. We as teachers along years have built some wonderful memories with you students. We respect your gratitude towards us.

Teachers become great teachers not only because of knowledge but you students play a very important role in our lives. You make us understand who we are and what we mean to you. We too commit mistakes at certain occasions but you all help us realize those mistakes. Sometimes we underestimate your strengths but you all proved us today that every student present here has some or the other capabilities hidden inside them.

In certain circumstances we hurl or scold you for your mistakes but never think that we hate you but we do this because we all love you and want to prepare you as a human being for the greater challenges ahead in life. We want that you all should climb the ladder of success and never look back.  Our happiness and grief are connected with you all. When you are sad we too feel sad and at that moment we just want you to get up and fight with those instances and adopt a never give up attitude.

We feel proud of your achievements over the years in studies or extracurricular activities. We understand that every individual has different abilities and we help you to find that by pointing your mistakes so that you realize where you are going wrong in life. Your sweet memories and gestures towards us will and have always remained in our hearts.

We will always persuade you all to move in the right direction through which you gain success. Even if you fail at any given point in life then always remember my saying that “After every sunset there will be a sunrise”. Failures will always make you strong and forget your weaknesses. Always show a never give up attitude.

At this point I would give you an advice that my dear students always see yourselves as a good human being and develop the right attitude. Never forget that you must always respect and show gratitude to those who help you in your lives. Never allow negative thinking influence your personality as it always leads you to wrong paths. Be kind and fair to all human beings and always pray to god to guide you on the right path through which you can achieve greatness, optimistic thinking and values.

On behalf of my colleagues I thank you all for a joyful day that you all have put together for us and wishing you all the best for your future endeavors. May god bless you all!

Thank you very much!

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